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In preparation for a 2023 relaunch, Simkhai partnered with Aruliden to ready the brand for its next evolution. Celebrating the spirit of craft, the team created a refreshed identity, starting with a shortened name, a refined mark, and a scalable monogram.

The monogram, in particular, was my key contribution—the first of many iterations that ended up becoming a foundational element within the brand, spatial design, and garments.


The monogram was inspired by the contours in the garments, overlapping geometric shapes to create an abstracted mark. This monogram also serves as an evergreen pattern which can be used across brand collateral and patterns in materials.

Inspired by this geometric monogram, Aruliden's industrial design team continued their partnership with Simkhai to design their flagship space, constructing archways and platforms that directly reference the mark.

The work also extended onto the runway, closing out the NYFW runway show with a series of pieces utilizing the monogram as a pattern. The final look was a studded blazer, worn by Emily Ratajkowski.

Created in partnership with Jonathan Simkhai and the team at Aruliden.

Aruliden team:
Michael Greenblatt
Caroline Askew
Lev Ratnofsky
Hannah Nathans

Simkhai team:
Stephanie Shimon
Brittany Lee
Brooke Stein
Gracy Abbott Lavey
Florentin Tuillier

Fashion week imagery from: