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Sunspot is an application that syncs the user’s location and schedule with solar weather to give suggestions on when and where to experience the sun’s energy. It is inspired by electromagnetic waves that interfere with the Earth’s atmosphere that generates visual spectacles of light and color.

These instances are caused by solar flares, which propel bursts of energy out into space to create an unstable environment of charged particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists at NASA used a supercomputer to generate visualizations of what these electromagnetic waves look like in real time. What they discovered is a spectacle even greater than the beauty we observe in the sky.


Rather than blocking time for meetings, appointments, and to-do’s, Sunspot’s mission is to advert from the ‘heads down’ mentality, encouraging people to step away and look up.


Shared Energy



Project Details

Completed for a branding project at Parsons School of Design.
All imagery and typography was sourced for proof of concept.