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Wrap Up is an annual event that sells wrapping paper during the holidays to raise money for Hands On London, a charity working to provide clothing for people in need. For eight years in a row, they collect clothing and give them to charities that support the homeless, refugees, children living in poverty, and people fleeing domestic violence.

Ask Us For Ideas has collaborated with Wrap Up by inviting 12 studios to contribute a wrapping paper design. When one studio fell through, they invited the World's Greatest Interns to step in.


Our submission explores the limits of generosity in gift-giving and receiving. That is: we often only wrap up presents and give them to our immediate circle of friends and family, instead of people who may need our generosity more.

What if the very thing we package gifts in—wrapping paper—encouraged people to give more generously and consciously? What if, by subverting the element of surprise before opening a present, we could all reexamine the act of giving?


Another sweater you'll never wear.
Another candle you'll never burn.
Another pair of socks you'll lose.
Another ornament you'll never hang.
Another book you'll never finish reading.
Another gift to regift.


We printed out our final statement, ripped the paper into smaller pieces, scanned them individually, and rearranged the pieces into a collage.

The final wrapping paper was screenprinted by Harvey Lloyd Screens using G.F. Smith paper.

Project Details

Completed for Wrap Up London, a charity event organized by Ask Us For Ideas. Words and concept in collaboration with Madeleine Carrucan.