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Youthful Pleasures
Short Film Titles

Youthful Pleasures is a short film about a dissatisfied 20-something coming of age 10 years too late. In order to find himself again, he gathers old friends to reenact a formative memory from his past.

Written and Directed by Rex Provost

To make the title treatment feel more tactile, frames were hand traced with colored pencil through a make-shift tracing table.

Using Manuka Black as the base, rounded edges and stretchy counters offer a playful and youthful energy.

Each cast member was printed, cut out, xeroxed to take the look of a photocopied flyer or yearbook. Then, we screenprinted a batch of 50 shirts with the main character's forlon face on the front and the name of the film on the back.

Created in partnership with Rex Provost. Typography is adapted from Manuka by Klim Type Foundry.