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Material Worlds
Architecture Summit at MoMA

"Material Worlds is an online discussion series at MoMA that gathers experts and scholars to discuss humanity’s impact on the world. Hosted by the Emilio Ambasz Institute for the Joint Study of the Built and the Natural Environment, this series intends to engage the newest generation of architects to reassess their discipline in the face of urgent change. This includes discussions and lectures by industry professionals on souring building materials, creating sustainable environments, and building more equitable futures.

This work began with a study on how the Ambasz Institute shows up within the MoMA ecosystem, including lockups as they are applied to letterheads, emails and digital banners. Then, the work extended to promotional material for both the discussion series and the summit.

The concept for the summit was to dissect our lived environment—the urban anthropocene. Images were taken throughout the course of a morning commute, moving from the stoop to the side walk, stepping over grates, rushing down stairs, and finally arriving to the subway platform. These images were then used to produce patterns associated with each event in the series. These varying patterns were acid-washed in chartreuse, referencing both ecological growth and alarm. Pairing these elements with MoMA’s proprietary typeface, a series of posters and communications materials were created to promote the event.

While the full name is the primary application, we developed two lock-ups with differing proportions depending on the visibility and presence of the institute versus the museum.

Poster set for the Summit and Material Worlds, using color to differentiate both events.

Project Details
Completed alongside MoMA Design Studio for The Emilio Ambasz Institute for the Joint Study of the Built and the Natural Environment. Image-making and design application by me.