Browsing Data

This collection is comprised of 100 websites that I frequently visit, sourced from my browser history. The concept was inspired by the idea of voyeurism in a digital environment where privacy is often abused. For each website, I captured the interaction, date of visit, type of website, and reason for visiting. Each interaction was organized based on the purpose behind the visit whether it be developmental, educational, personal or professional.


Although it has slightly sadistic connotations, voyeurism is essentially the pleasure of looking without being seen. It is referred to as a cinematic tool where the camera plays the roll of the voyeur, capturing moments and interactions for the viewer to observe.

Without realizing it, we spend a huge portion of our lives observing other people. We follow other people on social media, we read blogs about other people’s lives, and we even go as far as watching people daily vlog.


Personal data is usually something that people tend to keep private, but the idea of this collection is that I am exposing myself by allowing others to observe my behavior online. People have a natural tendancy to hide what they’re doing online, regardless of if there is anything to hide at all.

  • Social Media
  • E-mail
  • Text Messages
Please Note: This project is no longer online as to protect my privacy (ironically enough)