A zine for The Threads That Bind exhibition, which examines seven traditional museums across Russia and socio-cultural history that the country endured together. Through every social, moral, and political struggle the country endured, the people’s experiences and responses are what bind them together. Four photographers from Parsons The New School of Design traveled to Russia to capture each space. Their photos are displayed at the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg and this zine is available for visitors who pass through.

This design takes a contemporary approach to Russian Constructivism while also creating the essence of the exhibition itself. Each photo breathes on its own, but also lives in relation to one another through use of negative space and a dynamic grid. The typographic treatment establishes the structured yet humanist elements of the exhibition itself.



State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg

Poterna Exhibition Hall

St. Petersburg, Russia


Fan Chen

Therese Orhvall

Jess Richard

Thomas Werner