Thrive is a refugee support program located in Grand Rapids, Michigan whose goal is to provide assistance to refugees post-resettlement. When refugees arrive, they are only given support for their first 90 days by a government-funded resettlement agency, and then they’re left on their own to figure things out.

Thrive’s goal is to provide support and assistance after that 90-day period. They use community building to strengthen relationships and create programs that provide refugees with the tools they need. Services include partnering with local social service agencies, providing mentorship programs, and offering English and citizenship classes.



Thrive is a volunteer-driven organization giving hope to refugees through relationships and resources that enable them to connect with the community and succeed in life post-resettlement.



  • Empowerment
  • Community
  • Hospitality



  • Supportive
  • Welcoming
  • Empathetic